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Sourcing Made Simple

At Sourcing For Events Network, we specialize in making event sourcing and procurement a seamless experience for all types of events, alleviating any associated challenges or difficulties while achieving cost savings

Proud Independent Contractor Partner Of The Renowned Maritz Global Events Brand

Synergy of Expertise

Aligned with Maritz Global Events, our independent contractor status blends industry expertise and a global network. Our adept team tailors strategic solutions for seamless event sourcing and procurement. This synergy merges innovation with proven practices, creating standout events that leave a lasting impact.

Trusted Partnerships

Maritz Global Events is a name synonymous with trust and reliability in the events industry. When you choose Sourcing For Events Network, you gain access to a vast network of trusted suppliers and vendors, ensuring seamless execution and top-tier services for your events.

Amplified Buying Power

As an Event Strategist partner of Maritz Global Events, we leverage collective buying power to secure exclusive deals, negotiate favorable contracts, and pass on substantial cost savings to our clients. This means you can achieve more with your event budget, creating extraordinary experiences without compromising on quality.

End-to-End Solutions

From inception to execution, we offer comprehensive end-to-end event sourcing and procurement services. Whether it's site selection, contract negotiation, supplier management, or cost optimization, our team is equipped to handle every aspect of your event planning with precision and efficiency.

What Can An Event Sourcing Partner Do For You?

Contract Management

With a skillful approach, we diligently locate hotel inventory and venues, demonstrating expertise in negotiating contracts. Additionally, we conduct astute analyses of clauses, sliding scales, and potential “red flag” language, aiming to proactively prevent any potential disputes that could lead to significant costs.

Supplier Management

Streamline supplier onboarding and vetting processes, while effectively monitoring supplier sustainability, performance, risk, and compliance.

Savings Management

We excel in crafting and executing sourcing savings and cost reduction strategies. With a proven track record, we consistently deliver substantial savings by optimizing sourcing processes. Our approach involves thorough analysis, targeted measures, and high-quality results.

Promote Values

At Sourcing For Events Network, we firmly believe in integrating your core values into the very essence of all sourcing, contract, and supplier management endeavors.

Why Choose Us For Event Sourcing?

At Sourcing For Events Network, sourcing has taken on a whole new dimension beyond mere site selection. Our unmatched buying power brings added value to the table, redefining the sourcing experience.